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This database PALAEO concerns the fossil collections of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle of Paris. It comprises information on all groups of animals, plants and microfossils, and on several preparations for anatomy / histology studies, and includes also ichnology records. These historical collections gathered from the beginning of the 18th century with the birth of palaeontology until now, shelter numerous type and figured fossil specimens and other which in total represent more than 7 million specimens housed in the MNHN, . The PALAEO DB contains taxonomic information on the specimens, including bibliographical references. It contains also geographical and stratigraphical information and historical data on the discovery as well as anatomy description of the specimens, geology of the site and taphonomy when available. The content of PALAEO DB is controlled and validated by palaeontologist team (curators) composed of experts of the different palaeontological groups, and taxonomic information is updated according to the scientific publications and specialist advises after studying visits. Nevertheless, no database of this size is free of errors and omissions, then we are pleased to any specialist user pointing out errors. Feedback is very welcome!

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